PlayDome at BC Place

Good, innocent fun! That’s the best way I can describe my family’s experience at the PlayDome event in BC Place.

All of the people working at Playdome were friendly and helpful. Many times the guys working the games encouraged my kids to try the games they were working – they’d say, “go ahead, it isn’t too busy so give it a try, just have some fun!”

The game operator’s attitudes at PlayDome were so different than many of the other carnivals that we’ve attended. They encouraged us to try their games – they often said, just try it, no charge, just have some fun!


They even let me play. Although both times I played my kids beat me.


Yep, that is my Scooby-Doo coming in last. Again.

And the rides! No, there aren’t the super-wild rides like you find at other bigger, outdoor carnivals – thankfully!


But the rides that are at PlayDome were good fun for the kids – big and small. The fact that there wasn’t a wild old roller coaster ride made it so that I did not have to make up more and more bizarre excuses about why I couldn’t go on the ride. Just good, innocent fun!

And while there was a very positive and exciting vibe inside PlayDome it wasn’t so busy that we had to wait long to get on the rides.

The kids even convinced me, someone who is scared of even the tamest ride, to try them. And I had a great time.

Obviously we also had to eat – isn’t that what carnivals are all about?

My personal favourite food item – the must-have carnival food item – the mini donuts.

My kids? Cotton candy and sno cones. As an adult, I cannot fathom the appeal of cotton candy or sno-cones but there kids everywhere at PlayDome in BC Place eating both “food items”.



Of course there are also the gourmet food choices; poutine, wriggle fries, hot dogs, and MORE. My one “complaint” is that it costs $4 for a bottle of water. Of course that is not unusual for events, but it sure pinches the family budget.

PlayDome in BC Place will be open from Wednesday, March 28th (yesterday) through to Monday, April 2nd and fair-lovers can enjoy all their favourite rides right inside BC Place. If you are going to PlayDome, purchase your tickets online, ahead of time to save a few dollars on the purchase.

Online Pre-Purchase Tickets:
*excluding GST. All fees included.  
$29.95 Dome Pass (valid for full day, all carnival rides)
$49.00 Ultimate Pass (6-days, all carnival rides)
$9.95   Guest Pass (required to enter as a spectator. Limited rides available)
**Children under 2 years old admitted free (for safety reasons, they are not permitted to ride).

Disclosure; the organizers of PlayDome provided my family with complementary Dome Passes. However, as always, editorial control and the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.