Storkcraft Crib Recall

On the way to school this morning I heard the most over the top, hysterical and ridiculous Bill Good show of all time. The topic? The Storkcraft crib recall situation. Bill was discussing the situation with one of his producers, or at least a woman who works with him on the show. And she was the completely ridiculous part of the show.

She is a relatively new mom who has bought a Storkcraft drop-side crib. Her big thing was that she bought the crib from a person on Craigslist. She was beating herself up because she bought the crib used. It was a $1000 crib that she got a deal on, buying it used for $300 or $400…honestly, I can’t remember exactly how much she said she paid.

She kept saying she wished she had not bought it used, just spent the extra money and bought a new one (important to note that not everyone can afford this choice). Well the fact of the matter is that she bought that type of crib, just like Caragh and I did, we actually bought two of them…twins you know, because they appeared to be good quality cribs that were trustworthy! If the woman on the Bill Good show had bought the crib new, spent the $1000, she still would have a crib with a recall on it and she would be $1000 out of pocket.

Anyway, to read more about the crib recall, you can visit the CTV website where there is a link to the Storkcraft website. I have not put a link to the Storkcraft site in here because I still have not been able to get their site to open. The Storkcraft link is in the CTV story so you can try to access their site, if you choose to. You can also try to phone Storkcraft at 1-877-274-0277…I wish you good luck with this endeavour as well.