Sushi Koharu

I was in New West and I had a strong craving for sushi and I wanted to try something new rather than just go to my usual sushi places.

And that’s how I ended up discovering the cute little Japanese owned and operated Sushi Koharu.

The interior is decorated in a cute style. The single other person inside the restaurant upon my arrival was the woman behind the counter who came out to greet me. Seeing no other customers in a sushi place always makes me nervous, but I went ahead anyway.

I chatted with the Japanese woman working behind the counter and as it turns out, she has owned and operated Sushi Koharu for the last five years basically on her own.

I asked what lunch option she recommended and she told me the tuna was “very fresh, very good quality”.

I trusted her and asked for a tuna and salmon sashimi donburi.

I have to admit, when the bowl arrived I felt a little uncomfortable. The tuna was cut in what can only be described as a “messy” style.

Once I tasted it though, it was definitely fresh and full of the buttery goodness of tuna.

We continued to chat about her restaurant business and her favourite dishes to prepare. She told me that it was the Omakase menu is her favourite.

She said if the customer trusts her, she can make a beautiful tasting menu for them for either $16 or $25. Next time I’m in Sushi Koharu that may be what I try.

For now, I will give Sushi Koharu my recommendation and I will report back after my next visit.

Sushi Koharu is located at 712 12th Street in New Westminster.