Sushi Tang in New Westminster

Sushi Tang
Sushi Tang

After reading Follow me Foodie’s blog post about visiting an out of the way, unknown to her sushi place, I decided to forgo my usual trip to Ki Sushi in New West and to try an unknown to me hole-in-the-wall place in New West, Sushi Tang.

I have to begin by saying my choice to skip my regular place and to try Sushi Tang was a good choice. The food and service was top notch.

However, their menu is a Gordon Ramsay nightmare. It is so large and crowded with pictures of rolls and combos and lunch boxes and nigiri sushi that it made my head swim. To deal with this issue I asked if there was a daily special. I was then presented with another menu that was somewhat less confusing. From that menu I chose the agedashi tofu listed at $3.99.

Agedashi Tofu
Agedashi Tofu

The agedashi Tofu was good but I wished that I had ordered the spicy option. That is not to say this one was not excellent, I just like it more spicy than the one that I ordered.

Returning to the main menu I retreated to the safety of the classic combos; I ordered the Spicy Combo ($7.99). This combo comes with a spicy tuna roll, a spicy salmon roll and a piece of salmon sushi and an ebi sushi. After having read so many horror stories about how these prawns are grown in such horrific conditions, I just cannot eat them. The server asked if I wanted to substitute a piece of tuna sushi for the ebi sushi. I happily agreed to this option.

Spicy Combo
Spicy Combo

The nigiri sushi pieces were delicious. The tuna was cold but not frozen like you get in so many places. The salmon had a perfect mouth feel. Not only was the sushi tasty, the presentation was also lovely. If you look closely at the cut of the salmon sushi you can see a delicately cut line along the back of the salmon. Of course this did not change the taste of the sushi but it showed me an attention to detail that I appreciated.

The tuna and salmon rolls were also a perfect size for eating. None of that monster sized rolls that you cannot fit in your mouth without making two bites and a mess of your plate. These were perfectly sized for eating.

As well as being perfectly sized, the spicy rolls were perfectly spicy. There was a small drop of an orange coloured spicy sauce on each piece of roll. Rather than being a mouth-burning spicy sauce it added a complex flavour that complemented the roll quite nicely.

The bottom line? I will definitely be returning to Sushi Tang for a quick lunch break. The food was great, the service was great and the huys behind the sushi counter were very friendly. A great find!

Sushi Tang is located at 546 6th Street in New Westminster. You can phone them at 604-521-8555 to place orders for take-out

Disclosure; this review is based on my personal opinion. I did not receive any form of compensation from Sushi Tang or anybody else for writing this review. As with all blog entries I do, editorial control remains mine and mine alone.





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  1. Betina Avatar

    Stacey, this is one of our favourites in New West. The owners make you feel so welcome. If we don’t go for a while and we show up it is like being welcomed home like part of the family. They do great after school – cheap – specials too!

    Another gem is Victoria Sushi – hidden in Victoria Hill (formerly woodlands). I could live on there fish tempura with a sweat and sour sauce drizzled over it.