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Life Musings

A Family Day in the Sun

Today being a gloriously sunny day, I decided to skip out of my weekly lunch meeting at the Dot Com Pho and take my girls for a day on the town. We jumped aboard the Skytrain in Burnaby and headed downtown. I asked the girls if they wanted to go on a harbour cruise and […]


Day-Tripping to Steveston for a Sockeye Salmon

We headed out to Steveston today to see what all the fuss about the sockeye salmon run is all about. As it turned out we did not see any salmon running anywhere but we did see many of them being carried around in plastic bags. However, before we could do anything about the sockeye salmon, […]

Life Musings

Stanley Park Day Tripping

Today I loaded the twins and my Sweetheart into the family sedan and headed out to Stanley Park. And it turned out to be a great day for touring the park! However, before we got to Stanley Park we stopped into the Vancouver Community College culinary arts retail outlet and picked ourselves up a couple […]