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Family Day Fun 2018

How was your Family Day? I spent the day traipsing around the city with my kids seeking all the spices and flavours that make meals marvellous. We had success finding flavours of rosemary rock salt bagels, elk pepperoni and bison milk blue cheese at Granville Island. And we bought a mortar and pestle in the […]

Food and Drink

A Day in the City

Today I spent the day with one of my daughters back in my old haunts of Kitsilano. It was a funny feeling to visit some of the places in the daylight as they were places I most often visited very late at night in the old days. I started at Benny’s Bagels for a coffee […]

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Boat Rentals on Granville Island

When the weather gets hot in Metro Vancouver many people head to┬áthe beach.┬áBeaches are great and all, but they get too crowded with sun bathers and the freaks who insist on throwing a frisbee or football around. Add in the muscle men and females without enough clothing and I’m looking for an alternative place to […]

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Granville Island on Wordless Wednesday

Granville Island, another visual tour… and before you wonder why I have included pictures that are blurry or sometimes askew (Google that word, just for fun…you’re welcome) keep in mind that nearly every picture is taken while trying to keep one or two of our twin toddlers from pulling over a display or running off […]

Food and Drink

Benton Brothers Fine Cheese Opens on Granville Island

Oops…found my blog post about Benton Brothers Fine Cheese in the development file. It is unfinished but I will get on it to share some of the tastes that we experienced at Benton Brothers Granville Island location. Just for the record, it was Benton Brothers Fine Cheese that saved me from quitting my blogging. Details […]