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Life Musings

Grief and Grieving for a Pet

Grief and the loss of a loved one is a funny process. Yesterday while vacuuming the family-room I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. Why is that you might ask? Because every time I vacuum in our house I feel like I am erasing more of my Little Jimmy. In the old days, our home was full […]

Life Musings

Jimmy’s Neighbourhood

You have probably all heard enough about Jimmy to last you for the rest of time but indulge me once more if you will. Yesterday I walked Jimmy’s and my usual walk route. Of course I did it without Jimmy and I stopped and talked to each neighbour just like Jimmy and I did each […]

Life Musings

Jim Went a Runnin After Deer…

I used to sing/hum this Neil Young song when Jimmy and I were out walking or riding around in my truck. Of course I would substitute “Jim” for “King” and change the “he” to “she.” Now that Jimmy is gone I can’t seem to stop hearing this song in my mind. There is a wound […]