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Food and Drink

Tenen Restaurant in Burnaby

Vegetarians should run, hide and cover your eyes before going any further with this blog post.┬áThe Tenen Restaurant is for serious meat eaters only. The first dish (pictured above) is a chicken breast, pounded flat and then rolled and stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach. Sounds pretty good right? Well how about you wrap that […]

Life Musings

Animals and Meat

At bedtime we are reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder type books about life on the prairies. Except it appears that life took a turn for the worse on the prairie and now Rose and her Ma and Pa have left to go live in Missouri. Anyway it doesn’t matter where they are living, this evening […]

In the Kitchen

Sushi Quik and a New Tortilla Press

With all the festivities, fun parties and then my personal illness around the Christmas break I got backed up on my blogging and so I have a number of posts that I’m working on. One of the first blog posts I want to do is about this cool new sushi making device that will help […]