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Life Musings

Lovely weekend excursions to Kerrisdale and Dundarave

In our continuing efforts to introduce the twins to new neighbourhoods and see new sights, this weekend we took them to Kerrisdale and Dundarave. Both trips went smashingly well, thank you very much. The trip to Kerrisdale was a special pleasure because Caraghand I both have ties to that part of town. I used to […]

Life Musings

A drive to the West End of Vancouver

Today was another truly exhausting day. It started too early in the morning for us and went too late in the day for the twins. When that happens they have mini-meltdowns and cannot hold themselves together. It typically happens when we try to jam too much into a day and the kids then miss their afternoon […]

Life Musings

Reality-perspective check pour moi

Funny scene in the house today. Caragh was downstairs visiting her mother (she had a stroke a couple of years back and is paralysed except her right arm and her jaw which never stops moving…I’ll probably hear about this comment, but what the hell…) and I was taking care of the twins in the living-room. Annalie […]