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  • Friday Fodder

    Friday Fodder

    As I mature, I often find myself saying things my dad and my grandfather would say. Today someone asked me a question about how long has something been… And instantly in my head I heard my grandfather saying, “it’s been like that since before Christ was a cowboy.” As a kid I would reply, “I…

  • Random Thoughts

    Walking around with a toddler is strikingly similar to walking home a drunk college friend.

  • #liveyourbestlife; If You Can

    Have you heard of the CBC Radio One show called “This Is That“? It is a radio show similar to the blog called The Onion. It is a satire. An example from the show is when they “interviewed” an employee from Canadian border services who was going to teach border guards to be friendlier. Except…

  • A New Take on Age Groupings

    For no really good reason other than the fact that I like the idea that I am able to influence public policy, I get many emails with surveys in them asking me important public policy questions like “do you own or rent the home you live in and how many toilets are there in your…

  • Spring is in the air

    Seeing as, according to the calendar at least, it is now spring time, I have updated the header picture here to reflect the spring season. The winter pic has been put away for the time being. Enjoy.