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Life Musings

Bedtime for the twins and us

So it is bedtime for the girls. I am just finished giving Annalie her final bottle for the next couple of hours and a couple of things come to me. First, Annalie now associates the bottle with food so when she sees it she, reaches out for it. Watching her reach for the bottle is […]

Life Musings

3 AM conversations

You know you are really tired when at 3 AM you talk to a six moth old baby like they are a suspect in a police investigation. The “conversation” went something like this; Baby, “waaah, waaah, waaah, waaah…” with arms and legs flapping uncontrollably. Me, “Look kid, it is 3 AM. This is when we sleep. […]

Life Musings

The satisfaction of…

There are few things in life that are as satisfying as holding a fussing baby in your arms and seeing her transition from fussy to sleepy. It is simply beautiful in the peaceful nature of the transition. And then, once she is asleep to see a smile tease across her face as she sleeps, you […]