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Life Musings

Coleman Heating, Bus Stop Signs, and Twitter

You have probably seen those bus stop benches that have the sign saying something like, “You just proved these bus stop signs work!” I always chuckled at them myself while thinking, how does the fact that I saw that sign prove that it works? Well, the fact is, those signs do work. And in the […]

Life Musings

Twitter Vs Facebook; the Cage Match

As I have said before, I am active on Twitter and on Facebook. On Twitter I have two accounts because, well, essentially I live in two unique worlds. One world that I live in involves babies, poopy diapers, naps, sleepless nights and the occassional theatre or restaurant visit. You can find and follow me around on […]

Life Musings

Twitter, Facebook and the Main Stream Media

I was listening to CKNW this afternoon…I don’t know why…when I heard Jon McComb talking about Social Media. McComb and his guest were talking about Social Media, presumably because Facebook received more hits than Google did for a measured period of time. Interesting enough conversation. The real laugh though came when McComb asked his guest about Twitter. And Jon McComb’s approach […]