The Appeal of Fisher Price Toys and Dog Chew Toys

In hindsight, I think it might have been a mistake to buy Fisher-Price baby toys and educationally stimulating things. The twins have far more interest in dog chew-toys, shoes left at the front door, the tv remote control, electrical cords, house keys, the pile of filing that is omnipresent on the corner of my desk and the cat scratching post.

They would far rather play with these naturally occurring “toys” than any of the toys we have ever-so-thoughtfully provided them with. However, their favourite toy-play place in the house? Other than the area right under the toilet? Why their own little sandbox, otherwise known as the cat litter box.

On a completely separate note, today after taking the twins to visit  Grandpa and Grandmother R, we took them to Hi Genki, the Japanese restaurant in the Nikkei Centre in South Burnaby. As you might imagine, they serve Japanese food. And we know that Blonde Bear and Brown Bear both like Indian curries, well now we can also say that they love Japanese food. Brown Bear and Blonde Bear were both scarfing back great big pieces of tuna sashimi dunked in soy sauce mixed with wasabi…ah I’m kidding…they were only eating little bites of barbecued salmon with those fat udon noodles. And they loved it.

It was cool to see many other people mothers and fathers with very young children in the restaurant. The restaurant is attached to a Japanese senior housing. It appears that there were many families there visiting their family elders while having a “homestyle-cooked” Japanese meal.

The salmon teriyaki donburi that I had was delicious. The spinach gomae was also a welcome dish. The gomae style is an effective way to get Wifey to eat her dark green leafy veggies.

Hi Genki is a definite we will be back.


  1. I know eh! Kahlen also love the old computer keyboard she found hiding under our bed, the cat, the wicker basket that holds her thoughtfully chosen toys, and last and probably most loved, the laundry basket!

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