The weekend wrap up

Nice quiet day today. It started with our weekly trip to Quan’s Kitchen for breakfast. It was a pleasant surprise this week because my buddy Terry brought his son along for brekkie. By the time Story and I got home it was nap time for the girls. I managed to get Annalie to sleep quite quickly but Story simply would not sleep. She rolled around the floor, played with her toys until she was exhausted and screaming. Then she was taken upstairs and put to sleep.

Later today I took my Mom over to the hospital to see my Dad. It was  a nice visit even though it is in a shithole of a hospital. It is not reassuring to hear that the hospital he is being held in has the highest mortality rate of all BC hospitals.

Because I was away at bedtime I missed that entire show. Apparently Caragh said that both of the girls missed me at bedtime. I have a hunch that Caragh missed me more than the twins did. It is tough trying to put the two of them to sleep at the same time. She persevered though and the two of them were asleep when I got home.

The end of another weekend. Tomorrow morning I will be going for breakfast with the BC Chamber of Commerce Cabinet Minister series. The guest speaker for the event is the Honourable Kevin Falcon, Minister of Health. Apparently Falcon will be outlining his vision for health care in BC. I will be writing a report on this event for the Vancouver Observer.