Thrilling Grilling

I don’t know why I stopped grilling last fall. It doesn’t really get that cold out here on the west coast so there really is no reason to stop. So when I saw my blogger/podcaster friend Tony Conrad (teller of Bad Dad Jokes) grilling, that got me thinking – why not get grilling again?

Funny thing, many Canadians actually call it barbecuing – but my American friends are quick to point out that using gas, propane or natural gas means you are grilling.

Barbecue requires some kind of charcoal or wood like product.

At any rate, weekend just gone, the kids and I got into cleaning up the back porch where the grill sits and they asked if we could do some grilling this weekend. So why not?!

Today I did another two pork steaks – they were on sale so someone in the house (not me) bought a big ol’ bag of pork.

I figured why not try making cheese toast for Miss Picky Eater in our house? Meh. It didn’t work like I wanted. Bread just got dried out and the cheese looked sort of melted. Funny thing, the kid liked/ate it.

I also had three small sweet peppers. I put them on the grill and they got beautifully soft and sweet.

Ah, I love grilling season! My “grill goal” for this year is to make pizza on the grill. Let’s see how that goes.