Chicken Sandwich

Triple O’s Chicken Sandwich

Before the current global pandemic set in, while I was on the road to the cabin, I had the chance to test out another chicken burger from a local fast food joint – the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich from Triple O’s.

And I’ve got to admit, for a burger (sandwich?) that cost almost $10, the Buttermilk Chicken sandwich I had was really crappy.

In fact it was so disappointing that I’m not willing to believe that the sandwich I had was a true representation of the Triple O chicken sandwich.

Simply put, it was brutal. The chicken was dry and stringy and tasted like it had been cooked in very old oil. It was truly awful.

In fact, as I said, it was so bad that I can’t believe that is the quality that the Triple O brand typically puts out. I’m assuming I hit a kitchen on a day when they were way off their game.

The fact is, we should’ve seen the signs when we stopped into the Triple O’s. The waiting area was filled with angry looking people, customers all waiting for food.

Rather than see the signs that were there in front of us, we ordered food anyway – for me, I ordered the Buttermilk Chicken Club. And then began to wait. And wait. And wait.

It was advertised as a chicken sandwich in a brioche style bun with a buttermilk chicken patty topped with Chipotle mayo, bacon (the bacon was the only decent part of this sandwich), BBQ sauce, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato, and the signature Triple O mayo.

The nasty taste of the chicken overpowered everything else in the burger.

And you may say why didn’t I take the bad burger back to the Triple O’s? Why didn’t I tell the kitchen instead of just griping about it here? Because I was on the road, headed out of town on a road trip to the cabin so I was miles away before I realized how bad the burger actually was.

In the name of science I will be going back to Triple O’s and trying them again to see if the sample I had truly was just a kitchen having a bad day.