Trying to explain TV commercials to a 5 year old

As many people know, on the Sunday just gone the NFL played two semi-final football games.

My father and I quite enjoy watching NFL play-off games. We simply do not have the time or inclination to watch regular season games but when it comes to play-off time, we find a little time to sit together and watch. This year we were quite excited about viewing the Seattle Vs San Francisco game.

Sunday’s are the day that I take one or both of my kidlets with me to visit my parents, their grandparents. Perhaps I will not win any parent of the year award, but I let my nearly five year old daughter watch some of the football game. To be honest, her toys were much more intriguing to her than Richard Sherman’s antics and outbursts but, she did see some of the game.

I may not be awarded parent of the year for letting her see any of the game but my real concern was not with the game itself but with the commercials that came on when they cut to break.

Blood dripping, limb tearing, horrible images of people or freakish looking freaky things attacking other people or other freaking looking freakish things, nearly naked women and men wielding axes upon one another…it was bloody awful!! The commercials were truly terrifying!!

Seriously, the Seattle-San Fran game started Sunday after at 3:30pm out here on the west coast. Was there a parental warning at some point that I missed? Did other parents let their little ones watch the football game? How do you explain the graphic violence to a little one who’s eyes have never seen such violence? How do you avoid the violence if you are watching a game (not PVR’d)? Easy to mute a show but how do you “mute” the visuals?

Thoughts? Should I simply not allow my kids to watch NFL games?