Vacation Dreaming – Kani in the Maldives

Vacation Paradise
Vacation Paradise

Planning a family vacation is strikingly similar to planning a wedding – you have to begin the planning and even book things months and months in advance. Who knew?

Thinking way back to before we had our kids, Sweetheart and I would simply load a couple of bags up with our essentials and then hit the road to whatever destination tickled our fancy. That is no longer the case.

Now there are a myriad of considerations when doing vacation planning. Thinking back to our 2011 trip to Kauai when we rented a condo, everything we needed or wanted was our responsibility. We were on vacation in a tropical paradise and we were slogging through a Costco!

Having a condo meant we could prepare our own meals. On the other hand, having our own condo meant we had to prepare our own meals! We were on vacation and three meals a day we were doing our own meals. I am not sure we would do that again.

For the next vacation we book, I am much more inclined to go to an all-inclusive resort. And which one is on the top of the list of places we are dreaming about visiting?

Maldives all inclusive resorts
Kani in the Maldives

How about the Maldives all inclusive resorts? A resort that has a scuba diving academy so any visitor can enjoy the underwater marvels. Snorkelling, kayaking and swimming pools and of course, BEACHES.

Restaurants and bars that you can wander over to and have someone prepare your meal for you. No visiting Costco. No grocery shopping. No standing over a hot stove in a tropical paradise.

And bungalows – who doesn’t dream of living in a bungalow nestled alongside a white sand beach with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lapping up the beach?

No headaches, no stress, no worries, just relax and have a good time. Now, to get packing for my dream vacation – should I bring two or three bathing suits?