Vancouver 2010 Olympic Update; Women’s Hockey and Joannie Rochette

It started with the Canadian women playing, and defeating the Americans in the GOLD medal hockey game. Not only beating them but shutting them out. Beauty. Then Joannie Rochette skated. A young woman who’s mother died of a heart attack mere days ago.

Rochette skated in honour of her mother. And she brought home a bronze medal for her efforts. Keep in mind that the bronze medal she won is absolutely golden to Canadians. Now the IOC has to do the right thing and give her a duplicate medal so that she can bury one of the medals with her mother. IOC…just do the right thing.

Oh and IOC peeps, forget about the Canadian women drinking beer and smoking cigars on the ice later in the evening after their victory. Its a Canadian thing, you wouldn’t understand, so just forget about it.