The Walking Dead and Tribal Society

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Like many people, I am a fan of the AMC series “The Walking Dead.”

I love the show, not because it is a zombie show, although there are plenty of zombies and zombie killings, but because I am fascinated by the show’s view of how society could, or would rebuild after a complete and total apocalypse.

As anyone who has seen the show understands, there has been some kind of a massive pandemic, basically an apocalypse that has destroyed all governmental and societal structures. Seeing as there was no longer a large, over-arching governmental structure in place, societies are rebuilding in whatever form works for them. And on The Walking Dead, the most effective form of “government” was for small tribes to have developed.

It is equally interesting to see how the small tribes interact with one another. Rather than peacefully co-existing, the Governor of Woodbury was intent on destroying Rick’s small tribe. Why?

Fast forward to the mid-season finale of the season of The Walking Dead (the season we are currently in) and once again, The Governor is once again unable to accept that another tribe could possibly co-exist along with his new tribe.

Why is this? Why can they not co-exist? There appear to be enough resources for both camps (and many others) to co-exist, even if they are not cooperating, so why not just ignore the other camp and go about protecting and gathering resources for your own tribe?