Breast pump up date and Nestle formula

Just a quick update on the breast pump situation; the pump we have is an Ameda pump. I think I said Aveta before but it is an Ameda. The courier brought the new pump to our house yesterday and we are back in the breast milk game.

I have to say that the customer service from Mothers Choice Products has been exemplary. They sent out a new pump the day after we reported the problem and are going to send a courier back again for the broken pump. This is a nice service seeing as it can be a struggle loading the car up with the twins and trekking out to Richmond.

We do supplement the breast milk with Nestle formula because the little ones drink so much now. There is no way Caragh can produce enough…or should I say she can’t stand sitting down and pumping every two hours or more. So a little while ago we introduced the Nestle formula.

The benefit to formula other than the fact that Caragh doesn’t have to be hooked to the pump, is that I can get up in the night and get a bottle so Caragh can rest a tiny bit more. That is unless the baby I am trying to feed starts screaming at a volume that disturbs the neighbours…two houses down. I tried reasoning with Annalie but she just said I was too slow at getting the bottle.

She has transitioned to the formula, the “Good Start” kind, quite nicely. I also throw in a teaspoon of the Nestle rice cereal in order to make Annalie a bit more “full” in the sleepy hours. The nights I do this, she typically wakes up once around 3 am. If I forget the rice cereal, she can wake up starving every two hours…therefore, I try not to forget the cereal!