Burquitlam Safeway; Price Check On Aisle One

Seeing as I needed a loaf of bread, I decided to make another visit to the Burquitlam Safeway. While I was there I also checked out the layout of the store and the prices in the new store.

Burquitlam Safeway

After leaving the fresh produce section of the store you enter the main part of the store. I was pleased to see that they have a relatively large “Wellness Market” where they have a wide selection of vitamins and other health-related products.

Burquitlam Safeway

I stopped shopping at Safeway a long time ago because they stopped being price-competitive with stores like Superstore or No-Frills. However, I did notice that many of the prices in the store have yellow tags on them indicating temporary discounted pricing.

A savvy shopper will be able to save money by purchasing items with the yellow discount tags.

Burquitlam Safeway

Seeing as I was looking for bread, I grabbed a photo of one of the many shelves of bread. You can buy baked in store bread, artisan bread, “grocery store” bread, and some of what I call, good quality grocery store breads.

If you buy two loaves of the Silver Hills bread you get a discounted price of $3.50 a loaf. That to me is a pretty fair price for a decent quality bread.

Burquitlam Safeway

Just like the bread, the frozen veggies seem to be competitively priced.

Burquitlam Safeway

And of course butter. A staple in my cooking (if you’ve ever seen me in the kitchen you’ll know what I mean). The house brand of butter is $3.99. I usually buy butter at my local No-Frills for $3.89 so again, competitive pricing.

Burquitlam Safeway

And of course the thing that seems to have many people excited; the liquor store. Well, bad news folks; there is no liquor store in the new Safeway. However, there is a liquor store downstairs and outside the new Burquitlam Safeway.

The “Safeway Liquor Store” is actually a separate store from the new Safeway. The word on the street is that Safeway bought up the license or something like that to the Rhino Pub Liquor Store which is across the street in a building that is being demolished to make way for another high-rise tower.

So in effect, the Rhino Pub liquor store is simply moving across the street into a newer, fancier building with the Safeway name added to it.

Bottom line, the people who looked forward to “one stop shopping” for groceries and booze in the Burquitlam Safeway are not really going to get their wish.

All in all, I am still impressed enough with the new store to keep returning.


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  1. Safeway is a good store in that the quality of fresh goods-meat, bakery, and produce is consistently high. I have thought the prices were a little steep but the sale prices on high quality goods are welcome. Some stores offer low prices on produce but I’ve had grapes that were so sour they were inedible and perfect yellow pears that were totally brown in the center. No bargin on those puppies. I’ve paid slightly more at Safeway but I’ve never had bad produce and the meat is easily the best.

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