Computer Changes and Crashes

After a few days of computer troubles we seem to be back in business. We tried out a little netbook for a couple of days and all I will say is, don’t buy a single core processor!

I had no idea what the difference between a single, double or triple core processor was until this weekend. The difference? Aggravation. With a single core processor it was aggravating to try and run Tweetdeck and blog at the same time. So the single core processor experiment came to an abrupt end.

After that it was back to the drawing-board. Or at least back to the computer retailer. We are now running a larger than we wanted HP laptop. It is amazing how light the new laptops are, so even though the laptop is larger than we had wanted it is still very light to carry about as I chance the twins around the house from one disaster to another.

Speaking of which, I have to go see what the latest crash in the living-room was…and I know it was not a computer crash this time.