Daylight savings time

I guess the twins did not get the memo about the clocks all being moved back an hour last night. Ususally at 6pm we take them upstairs and bathe them, get them into clean sleeping sacks, argue about how much baby powder to use on them (I err on the side of never too much) read a little Brown Bear, Brown Bear or the new edition of Ernest Hemingway’s classic “A Moveable Feast” to them, feed them a bottle of milk and then hold them for a few minutes while they fall asleep. This ususally happens at 6pm. Well today their 6pm happened at our newly assigned 5pm…they are not happy with that change thank you very much and even mentioned moving to Saskatchewan where there is no silliness like daylight savings time. They liked the clocks just they way they were and have voiced their displeasure with the change in the system. Although they are now pleasantly asleep.