Disney On Ice – Frozen

This morning, along with my wife and two daughters, I attended a Disney on Ice performance of Frozen.

And you know, even though I have seen the movie version of Frozen 193 times and listened to “Let It Go” more times than I can count, today’s performance was actually a pretty heart-warming, and wallet-emptying experience. 

First about the wallet-emptying aspect of the show. I am popcorn munching kind of event-goer. So when I saw a young man with a long pole of bags of popcorn I stopped and asked how much one bag is.


The funny thing is, he added, “But you get to keep the bag!”

No sale.

When my daughter saw snow-cones in an Olaf shaped cup, I was not so lucky. $20 for a cup of ice flavoured with some weird coloured concoction.

I couldn’t stand the sight of watching my daughter slowly scooping the contents of Olaf’s head out but she seemed to enjoy it.

As for the show itself, well, what can you say. It is Disney On Ice and they do an incredibly good job of entertaining kids and adults alike.

Great costumes and great skating routines. Like seriously, look at Sven in the picture above. That thing was skating around the ice like a champ. All four legs moving in unison and holding the gaze of every kid in the building. Simply awesome costumes and skating.

Of course the stars of the show are supposed to be Elsa and Anna. And while they did a great job of playing their parts and the special effects – real snow falling from the rafters of the Pacific Coliseum! The character who drew the loudest cheers was of course Olaf.

When Olaf skated onto the ice at the Coliseum, the cheers from the crowd almost lifted the roof off the building. It was pretty cool.

Of course all the special effects to show him coming apart and melting and then his own little snow flurry all added to the crowd’s love for him. Really well done.


And did I mention that they had real snow falling inside the Coliseum?! It was so magical. And quite beautiful.

However, the part of the show that really touches my heart is the fact that at the end when Anna needs a “true love’s kiss” to save her life she realizes that it is not some schmucky guy she needs, it is her sister.

Sure, call me sappy, but I like that Disney has for once strayed from their usual message of the princess being saved by the handsome prince.

I had a great time. And I know that my daughters also had a great time. I’m not sure the people sitting around me enjoyed hearing me belt out “Let it Go” as much as I thought they would, but it was a great time.






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  1. Carla Avatar

    We also took our daughters to see the show. I agree with you about the prices! But I suppose it is to be expected, after all anything Disney means KaChing KaChing.

    I guess it is a warm-up for our upcoming Disneyland trip!

    Great funny article, thanks.