Establishing a Baseline

On April 17th 2009 my life changed forever; my partner and I gave birth to twin baby girls. Well, it was more her than me who gave birth, but everyone talks like it was a team effort. I will accept some credit for their birth but my goodness, my contribution was a lot more pleasurable than her contributions.

Thankfully they are fraternal twins so I can tell them apart, usually. They were born on the first day of week 33 of the pregnancy so they were, obviously, seven weeks early. Instead of coming home right away though, the girls had to stay in the Royal Columbian Hospital until they were able to eat, breathe and sleep without any assistance. When they were born they were 1705 grams and 1750 grams. That is about three pounds, six ounces and three pounds fourteen ounces. They grew to about five pounds each before they came home; they ended up coming home around the end of May.

We named Baby A, as the government bureaucrats call the first born child Annalie. That is a Swedish name so it is actually pronounced “Onnalee” with the emphasis on the “Onna” part of her name. Baby B’s name is Story; she was born (yes they were born through the regular route, not by C-section) two minutes after Onnalie. You have to wonder what it will it be like for her to have an older sister who is actually only two minutes older.