Five Easy Changes to Slow Climate Change

Here are five easy things that you can do to slow the rate of climate change in the world – five easy things that you can do, but probably won’t do. Anyway for what it’s worth here they are.

First when you’re in your car or truck (seriously, why are you driving a truck?) make a conscious effort of driving on our city streets at 50 to 55 km an hour. Crazy talk. Crazy talk because even though the speed limit within our cities is typically 50 km an hour most people are travelling at 60, 70 or more kilometres per hour. And yet if people did travel at 50 kmh, there would not only be lower fuel consumption and significantly less emissions going up in the atmosphere, we would all be a little bit safer on the roads.

Second, walk or ride a bicycle when you’re in your local community. Instead of driving to your local grocery store, walk. Good for you and good for the environment. Even once a week will help. As an aside, a brisk walk is just as much exercise as running or jogging like a freak. And it is easier on your knees, ankles and hips.

Third grow some food. Virtually everybody has a spot where they could grow something to eat. Even if it is just herbs in a little planter on the windowsill, that is one less item that needs to be trucked or flown in from afar. It is even better if you can grow salad greens and harvest them in your own place rather than having to buy them. Green onions and kale can be grown virtually all year round here.

Fourth, when shopping for groceries look for items that are grown locally. Try to avoid items that are grown in California, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, or Peru. Sorry to the good folks who work in those lovely places, but if we want to slow down climate change forget about the government helping us do anything about it because the government is simply full of hot air. Politicians actually make climate change worse with all the hot air they blow.

The fifth easy thing you can do, but probably won’t do, is to wash your jeans much less often and when you do wash your clothes, hang them to dry rather than running an electric clothes dryer. Super easy.

These are five really easy things that we can all do too slow climate change. Even if you just do one thing, it will help. Do something. It is pointless to wait for the government because they don’t have any interest in doing anything differently.

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  1. All 5 done.

    I would add, share cars. One per household.

    Grow some trees along with that food.

    Sponge bath between showers. Don’t need to shower every day… much like jeans needn’t be washed after every wearing or two.

    Turn off lights you aren’t using and unplug vampires.

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