Front Porch; the Final Steps

I am pretty well exhausted after finishing off the front steps to the house so this will be an abbreviated post.

Stairs sans railings
Stairs sans railings



Here are the stairs, in place. If you look carefully at them you will see that there is a third stringer in the middle of the stairs. This was a little improvement to the stairs that I decided to add. The third stringer adds strength to the stairs.


And then, late this evening, after the kids went to sleep, I put the railings back in place.

Stairs with railings
Stairs with railings

I also made sure that the steps had a second coat of preservative added before the railings were actually put in place.

The railings went on relatively easily. I have to admit that they are not perfect. A quarter of an inch out on a 8′ run makes a pretty big problem. However, I’m pleased with the outcome of the job.

And just for the record, even though I wrote about the Ridgid tools I used on this project, I received absolutely NO incentive from Ridgid to write about or mention the tools. I was impressed with the tools and will write a follow up post about the tools.


  1. Awesome job! Seeing this reminds me of when I was young and my father used to build stuff around the house. I used to help him and learned a lot about minor fix-it stuff. Because of that, between my husband and I, I’m the “handy” person. Thanks for helping me reminisce!

  2. A wonderful job .. well done … did you feel a sense of achievement and enjoy a long cool one at the end ??

  3. Wendy, we re-used the railings to save on cost. It felt great getting the task completed.

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