Guaranteed System to Win Lotto 6/49 Step-by-Step Instructions – Here!!

I have designed a system where anybody can win the Lotto 6/49 or BC 49 every week, week in and week out. And the system is so easy I will gladly share it here with you.

I beleive that the same concept or system can be used with the Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 or the BC 49 although I have not yet tried it with the Lotto Max.

So let me explain how I win the Lotto 6/49 and the BC 49 every week. Before playing any numbers you really should open a separate bank account to deposit your winnings in each week. It is nice to have a separate account where you can watch your winnings grow week by week.

Although you can play the Lotto 6/49 and BC 49 twice a week I choose to play just once a week. I try not to be greedy.

Next, as you and everyone are allowed to do, choose six numbers. Make them numbers that are meaningful and memorable to yourself. For example, the number for the month (or year in some cases) that you last had sex with your partner, birth-dates, anniversaries and so. Six numbers that you will not forget. Write them down and commit them to memory.

Now, make your way to your local Lotto 6/49 retailer and pick up one of those forms that you use to fill in the tiny pink rectangles to indicate which numbers you are choosing. Typically what I do is play a combo play – 6/49 and BC 49 with the Extra. Fill in the form with your numbers. Repeat the numbers over and over again in your mind as you are doing so. You need to have those numbers drilled into your mind so that as you are driving or sitting on the shitter they (the numbers) repeat themselves almost unconsciously.

Now is the important part; with your $5 bill and the slip of paper with the little pencilled in pink rectangles clutched firmly in your hand walk out of your Lotto 6/49 retailer’s store. Quickly, and without looking back, walk over to the nearest bank machine and deposit that pretty blue bill into your newly opened bank account. I recommend that you try to have a $5 bill seeing as most bank machines frown on you depositing coins into the machines. They wrote me a pretty nasty letter the last time I tried to deposit ten dimes, four quarters, two Loonies and a Toonie into the machine. All this stuff about “You may be held responsible for repair costs and blah blah blah.” Bankers…

At this point you are up by five bucks. Pretty cool eh? However, don’t think that is the end of the excitement of my foolproof system. It gets better. And WAY more exciting. Think about the moment when you are at the top of the first hill on the monster roller coaster…that kind of exciting!!

Say your plan was to play on Saturday night. You can either watch the numbers on Saturday or look at them online, in a newspaper or whatever form you like on Sunday morning. I try to be sitting have a relaxing coffee when I check to see if my numbers were drawn.

And here is where it gets really exciting…if your numbers were not drawn, as has been my case for one week short of a full calendar year for me, then YOU JUST WON THE LOTTO!!! Your five bucks is in the bank and growing with compounded interest, usually at a rate of 0.01% or something equally lucrative.

However, if your numbers are drawn, those numbers that are rolling around in your head day and night, well, I’m sorry, you just lost. If the big prize, the six out of six numbers match yours…well it really sucks to be you. You just lost. And lose…crap, you can lose $2.5 million, $4 million, $5 million or even $10 million or more. You might choose not to play when they have that month of bonus draws. The excitement might be too much for some people. Boy the first few times you play with my system your stomach feels like it is going to pop out of your throat you get so excited!!

The good news is that as of this weekend I will have won the Lotto 6/49 for 52 weeks in a row! I now have $255 in my Lotto winnings account and if I do win again this Saturday…make that a cool $260. Oh the excitement!! I can hardly wait for this Saturday when I can check to see if I won the Lotto 6/49 again!! Can You Imagine!!


  1. What a great system! And, you are giving it to us for free. Do we have to sign up for something, now? In fact, give me a paypal link and I’ll deposit $5 so we can play together this week.

    I did notice a tiny oversight in your explanation of how it all works however. Think of it, if you lose $2.5 million in one day – that’s more money than I’ve made in weeks! How rich do you have to be to lose $10 million in one weekend.

    Yup, definitely a foolprooof system. I think I’ll have to share it with my Imagining Better readers – I’ll send them your way … after they give my paypal account $5.00!

    🙂 cj

  2. You’re funny!

    I guess now isn’t the time to rub it in that Steve and I wont $50,000 and then $10,000 playing the lotto since 2010?

    How much did you win again? $255?

  3. Ah Kelsey, I dare you to try my method. The thrill of winning and losing with my method is so much more thrilling than $50,000. NOTHING compares!! You sit there watching to see if your numbers come up and if they do, you are out how many millions? I can hardly wait for Saturday night’s draw!! You might call my method the reversal of fortunes.

  4. I want to share my system of being a millionaire, in a year.
    Here it is. Very very easy. All you have to do, every month, without fail. At the end of every month, go too the bank and deposit 100,000.
    It will be hard at first, and it will not be easy, but I PROMISE, without a dought, you will be a millionaire in a year.

  5. WTF!!! I just followed your stinking ass system and all of my six numbers hit!! What kind of bogus scheme is this? Thought you said this was a guaranteed way to win!

  6. Instead of walking to the store with your little slip, save that time and work that extra half hour or hour and deposit 30 instead of 5 in your bank account. ” Use your logics and ability to make more ” As for systems, there are some out there and if you look really hard and study those numbers, you can easily increase your odds to 1 in 500 instead of that blown number that most hope for. That 1 in millions!! Like yourself, I don’t play but saving instead. Give you a hint about my system, first step is it involves no numbers ending with zero. With that being said, you’ve just increased your odds by taking out approx. 3.5 million if the odds are 1 in 14 million. Cheers all and happy number crunching 🙂

  7. I guess you don’t need to work, just grab five dollars from you mom and deposit it into you account every week. fucking stupid.

  8. I get the point of your bs story but honestly, most smart people know there is no system. I once saw someone who bought 100 Lotto 649 tickets that all lost and the guy swore at the cashier as if it was her fault, which I tried to make her feel better but she just laughed too.

    There is nothing wrong with paying the lottery but yeah, this story is pretty useless…but I guess that was you point.

  9. i saw a comment of brian mccarthy of the internet saying that there is a voodoo doc who help win the lottery with spiritual voodoo from africa, The first question i ask my self was why will he say this one the internet!!! cause to me it was ridiculous to let people know about such secret. But i am a person who believe in magic and spiritual voodoo cause i have seen it work in my eye. all i could was to give a try and truly i won i do not care how i did it and what i go through all i do was to believe that if brain can win then i am also a winner the doctor cast a spell on a number and send it to me and i used it for the keno alantic lottery and i won $50,000 it does not matter if i do not win like brian but i still gat something to celebrate about. I cant give you money but i can show how to get money and this is it is the only way and secret i have ever since in my entire life

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