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Hipster or Grandfather?

Funny thing happened at work the other day; a colleague said that I look like a hipster.

I thought that was hilarious because if anything, I am becoming more and more like my dad or my grandfather than anything else.

baking bread

As you probably know, I bake my own bread, often in cast iron pans. My colleague said that’s a sure sign of being a hipster.

My grandfather or my grandmother would’ve considered that just good common sense. Why buy what you can easily make? Stuff you can easily make better than the stuff you buy in a store?

He also, commented on the fact that I use a double edge safety razor to shave.

Safety Razor Cover

Using a double edge safety razor is another thing I picked up from my dad and my grandfather. Who needs a stupidly expensive, crappy plastic razor with 3, 4, or 5 blades in order to get a good shave?

My grandfather used the double edge safety razor. Why did he use it? Because it was economical. And that is exactly why I use it. NOT because I am a hipster.

Carrying a thermos full of coffee to work? Another hipster move right?
My grandfather did that because it was cheaper to make his own coffee than it was to buy tea or coffee while out. While I do not use it, my Dad’s thermos, it still sits on the shelf in his basement. And I do carry a thermos mug of coffee or tea with on my way to work – unless I am on my bicycle.

BC Bike Show

And the final point about me that has my colleague convinced that I am a total and complete hipster? I ride a bicycle to work.

My grandfather often said, “Why burn gas driving to work if you close enough to ride a bicycle?”

I’m sensing a pattern. If I’m a hipster, my grandfather was the original hipster.