La Clemenza di Tito; After the Curtain

Here I thought that Tito had been killed at the end of Act I. In fact, Sesto thought that the fire he had started had killed Tito, but no! Tito, of course lived. Rome was in ruins after the fire but mercifully, Tito lived.

Burned out Rome
Burned out Rome

More about the opera itself a little later. For now, the burning question, heehee, burning Rome, burning question…anyway, what did I wear to the opera?

Opera Suit
Opera Suit

For this opera it was a new Alfred Sung shirt and tie to go with my new blazer. And in the spirit of clothing continuity, I wore my burgundy Boulets.

Funny, I did not have any pics of myself taken with my camera last night so I will wait until my blogger colleagues get their pictures posted. Nicole Belonio was kind enough to snap a picture of me before we wandered off at the end of the evening.

Of course the Vancouver Opera Social Media Manager, Ling Chan, as always has her camera at the ready. You can view her Flickr feed to see many magnificent photos of the set of La Clemenza from backstage. And I might add, there are a couple pics of me in her Flickr feed as well.





3 responses to “La Clemenza di Tito; After the Curtain”

  1. Caitlyn James Avatar

    NICE opera suit. Like.

  2. Caitlyn James Avatar

    Checked out Ling Chan’s photos. Like again. Nice drape to the jacket, sleeves at exactly the right length, colours good on you, perfect!

  3. frances Avatar

    You looked very debonair in the new threads and great boots — and wasn’t it a good evening? Lots to savour. See you in April . . .

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