Leather Werk to Create the Perfect iPad Carry Bag

The other day I was telling my mother how my 14″ Marlondo Leather was the perfect leather bag.

14" Marlondo Leather Briefcase
14″ Marlondo Leather Briefcase

I added that it was unlikely that I would be buying another bag anytime soon. She just laughed at me and said, “You know that is simply not true. You will be buying a new bag, it is just a matter of time.” That time came yesterday.

This week I have been working (through email) with Stitcho Mitcho, the designer/leather craftsman at Leather Werk to design a new iPad carry bag. There are many days when I only carry my iPad, chargers and projector connectors, a few file folders, my wallet and my Moleskine day-timer  I don’t need to carry my briefcase on these occasions

After sending quite number of emails back and forth we have agreed that he will create for me a hybrid, one-off bag based on the style of bag he already makes, the PouchUn. The difference between the bags he has previously made and the bag that he is going to create for me will be 9.5″ wide, 12″ tall and 3″ from front to back.

All of the bags created by Leather Werk are made as one-off bags and they are made in the USA. They are individually created as they are ordered by customers.

As soon as I get my hands on my new leather iPad bag (probably in 10-14 days) I will post pics let you know how it works for me. Until then.