Lotto Max Jackpot $50 Million

The Lotto Max jackpot for this coming Friday is estimated to be $50 million. Imagine $50 million!! What would you do with your Lotto Max winnings? Other than deposit your new cheque…and do the banks actually accept those massive cheques they present you with when you win the Lotto jackpot?

But even then if you did win the Lotto Max where would you deposit that cheque to? A bank? A credit union? What kind of investments would you make? As Gus from Breaking Bad said on last night, “It is easy being poor. Anybody can do that. Being rich is much more difficult.”

My first thoughts are about housing. People often talk about the mansion they would buy if they won the Lotto…not me. I would stay in hotels. Where else are you TOLD to throw your dirty laundry on the floor? And when you return later in the day someone comes out and parks your car and carries your newly purchased junk up to your spotlessly clean suite. No staff to hire or manage…heavenly.

Okay people…add your comments. What would you do…how would your lives change? Your first act would be…add your comments!!


  1. $50 million. Yep, that would come in handy.

    Given the state of my front yard when I got home today – post sewer line replacement – I would pay the guy who did that, and then hire someone to rake it all level and add some luscious topsoil and replace our front walk with decorative flagstone.

    I seem to want $5 million sitting in my credit union account – so I’d do that.

    The mortgage would get paid off, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that little bit of change.

    Of course, there would have to be some sharing. I think 10% is reasonable to be divvied up between a charitable donation of a new building for the school where I teach; a big party for all my friends, $1 million toward our son buying a house, something for each of my parents, siblings, nieces & nephews. If my favourite cousin needed a new pair of fluevogs I would take her shopping – and get me a pair, too.

    I’d buy an apartment building near my home. I’d like to own & manage (as in hire the plumber and painter – or maybe hire the person that hires the plumber and painter) a funky apartment building that actively seeks to build a culture and sense of belonging. A place that is not a co-op but that does believe in cooperation and finding a sense of importance and indispensability through service to one’s neighbours.

    I would make my list and start travelling to all the places on the list.

    I would research the possibility of franchising alternate schools that serve whole families – a joint program of the ministries of education and children & families. And then, do it.

    My husband would retire and build a sailboat. I would build a garden shed with my own hands. We would get full cablevision and a pvr and a TV bigger than 20 inches (and it would be flat!)

    My teeth would be straight, my vision corrected, and my personal trainer would be called, Miquel.

    I would keep showing up at work because it is really the thing I am most sure about wanting to do every day. And, I would nail this making money on the internet thing.

    As for mansions? Not at the moment. I love my little house. Would I renovate again? Oh probably, and then I would decide if it was time for something different – but it would be less fuss to go buy a smaller couch rather than add onto the living room!

    Gosh, it really does sound like I’m about ready for $50 million. Guess I better get me a ticket!

  2. What a good question! Steve and I frequently discuss what we would do if we won… often it is more of a tense negotiation… but we do ponder the possibilities.

    We agree that we’d love a bigger home. Not a mansion, but a house. We’d like just enough space to accommodate a few more kids, and a guest room for when my mom comes to visit. We would buy new furniture that we actually like, instead of our hand me downs, and a brand new skookum washer and dryer. We’d love to have a new house, possibly custom built, because we just don’t have the time to do renovations.

    We wont have time for renos because we both agree that we would keep working. We both really love out jobs so it makes sense to keep working. I think it would make the job more enjoyable too… knowing that you are living to work, rather than working to live.

    We’d sell our current cars and buy new ones, although both our current cars are less than 5 years old. Hmmmm, maybe we’d just keep the cars for a few more years.

    We would employ a dietician, and a personal trainer. We want to be healthier people… we just don’t have the ‘umph’ to get things rolling most of the time.

    We would also take a vacation. Someplace warm and fun. Probably Mexico. We’d invite and pay for all our friends and family (and their kids) to join us. Maybe Vegas? Who knows. Nothing too wild or over the top… just a week away to unwind and relax!

    We’d stick a million or so in a saving account for Kahlen’s education (and any subsequent kids). We hope she’ll take after our love for learning.

    We’d give a million to the NICU at RCH. We owe them so much!

    Other than that… who knows. Im sure we’d find ways to spend the money. I bet we’d even find ways to save some of it too… 😉

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