ML Leather Fisherman’s Wallet

The latest addition to my wallet collection arrived in my mailbox today; my handcrafted ML Leather Fisherman’s wallet.

Fisherman's Wallet
Fisherman’s Wallet

This is a cool wallet. A very cool wallet. Part of what makes it cool is that on the evening that I ordered it, Cody Vance, the shop owner, emailed me to say thanks for the order and that he was going into his workshop to work on it right then. Just a cool personal touch.


The Fisherman’s Wallet is a very nice size. The three card holder slots hold the twelve or so cards I find it necessary to carry and there is a nifty flap-thingy inside to hold my cash.

Fisherman's Wallet - Open
Fisherman’s Wallet – Open

Although the craftsmanship of the ML Leather wallet is superb (the stitching is absolutely perfect) it is important to remember that this is a wallet that is handmade in Texas. There are blemishes on the leather that in my opinion only make it look more beautiful. This is not a mass produced, factory made wallet.

I love the feel and the colour of the leather (the colour is called Crazy Horse) and the size is just perfect for slipping into my shirt or blazer pocket.

I will carry this wallet for the next few days or weeks to get a longer term feel for it and I will post more thoughts after that. First impressions, I’m loving it.

Disclosure; I purchased the ML Leather wallet I have described in this post at full retail cost by me. No financial or other form of incentive was provided by ML Leather to me for writing this blog post. As always, in all my blog posts, I maintain full editorial control.