My New Gustin Jeans

Some time ago I purchased and received my new Gustin dungarees. I have been wearing them now, off and on for about three months and I am now ready to talk about them.

Gustin Button Fly
Gustin Button Fly

You can choose the fit you want for your Gustin jeans – straight, slim or skinny. I do not do well with anything that conjures an image of “slim” or “skinny” so I get the straight fit. That “cut” works well for me.

When I first received these jeans I have to admit that I was not 100% pleased with them. Although I followed the sizing guide that Gustin has on their website and I measured myself as a Gustin-size 40, when I first tried on my new Gustins, they simply did not fit comfortably. I found that they were just a little too snug in the thigh.

However, after wearing the jeans for a few days, I they loosened up through the thigh, the butt and the waist and became more comfortable.

Even after wearing them for those few days though, I did not find them to be a perfect fit so I went to another strategy – soaking them in hot water and then running them through the spin cycle of the washing machine. Once the jeans were spun out I wore them for a few hours (yes, I wore them when they were wet) and let them shrink to fit me absolutely perfectly.

A side benefit of the soaking process is that the jeans shrunk in length by at least four inches making them fit my legs with a simple roll up cuff.

As a side note, I rarely wash my jeans (wash them once every six or eight months) and when I do wash them I NEVER put them in the dryer.

When I sit down while wearing my Gustins, I find they sit low across my butt (no pictures of that!). As a result of this, I find it important to wear a long shirt so that people do not see too much of me.

Gustin Jeans
Gustin Jeans

Now about the jeans. First off, I love them. I love the craftsmanship and I love their finish. However, when I ordered them, the fact that they were to be made from a 14 ounce denim, I assumed that they would be very heavy and a “stiff” pair of dungarees. Fact is, they aren’t. They are a very soft and easy wearing pair of jeans.

There is great attention paid to the details in the finishing of these jeans.

Rear Pockets
Rear Pockets

You know how all too often the rear pocket of your jeans wears out from keeping a wallet or other goods in them? Gustin doubles up the fabric in the bottom of the rear pockets so that those pockets will not wear out as quickly as they do on regular jeans. Thoughtful.

Gustin Button Fly
Gustin Button Fly

The button fly is also made of super-duty buttons. They are easy to do up and easy to open.

As I may have said in my other post, I am so pleased with my Gustin dungarees that I have already purchased a pair of heavy slub dungarees and a pair of Chinos from Gustin. Those purchases will be prepared and delivered some time in May.

The jet black warp woven with an equally dark black weft (you know how denim is created right? It is two lines of thread running diagonal to each other…sort of) makes these jeans a very dark black. The darkness of these jeans makes it so that EVERY piece of lint and hair shows up on them. It also makes them look much “dressier” than regular jeans that fade to white much more quickly – making these a great way to get away with wearing dungarees to the office more often.

Gustin Button Fly
Gustin Button Fly with A Simple Leather Belt

The fact is though, the expert craftsmanship that has gone into making them, the quality of the fabric, thread and the buttons makes me very pleased with my Gustin purchase.

As I may have said in my other post, I am so pleased with my Gustin dungarees that I have already purchased a pair of heavy weight-heavy slub dungarees and a pair of Chinos from Gustin. Those purchases will be prepared and delivered some time in May.


  1. – first off… don’t wash your jeans for weeks? I’ll make sure you’re not wearing jeans when I am near you. Eeeeeeek.
    – keep in mind that extra fabric in the rear wouldn’t be req’d if you didn’t carry your wallet in there. While chiropractors don’t recommend that because it can lead to hip alignment issues, it just doesn’t look professional especially when it leaves the eventual imprint of the wallet, so wearing these jeans as a dressier option becomes irrelevant.
    – for a more positive comment, they do look like sturdy jeans and I like the button placement, especially the top button. They’re worth a try on. Where does one look for them?

    • Lino, you are correct about a wallet in the back pocket causing hip and back alignment issues. I rarely ever carry my wallet in my back pocket for that reason. As far as laundering jeans, I have a pair of 501s that went 10 months without being washed. Nobody could tell and they were ultra comfortable.
      If you are interested in Gustin clothing (jeans, chinos etc) check out their goods at

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