New Car Search Begins on Wordless Wednesday

The need for a new/larger vehicle has become more than apparent around our house. Yesterday I took the opportunity to test drive the first car that I thought might be good replacement for our family sedan.

Ferrari Maranello 550
Ferrari Maranello 550

More on my observations later.


  1. Ha! Its no Ferrari, but If you are serious about needing a new and larger car I recommend the Kia Rondo. We bought one in January after an exhaustive search and LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE it! It has a HUGE interior (with storage under the seats), MASSIVE trunk (including hidden compartments), all the bells and whistles, and feels like a regular sized car when you drive it. We absolutely adore our car! We can fit 3 car seats in the back seat too, which is a nice perk! We got the 5 seater (which gives room for a HUGE trunk) but you can also make it a 7 seater (MUCH smaller trunk). I can’t tell you how much we love it. If you wanna take a peek/test drive ours, just let me know! LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE it!

  2. I really love my Ford Freestyle. It is a 7 seater, or a 5 seater with a huge cargo area. Unfortunately…it is no longer in production. The Ford Flex is the replacement, which is a bit too retro looking for me! But also supposed to be a great car.

    If you are going to only have a 4 person family..I’d check out the Mazda 5. It has 3 rows of 2 seats, and with the back ones folded, a decent amount of cargo space. One of the great things is the side-sliding rear doors. I can’t count how many times I wish for those when I am in a tight parking spot, trying to squeeze kids out of their car seats. It’s like a micro-mini van!

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