Parking Lots; Day 6 NaBloPoMo

Is there any place in the city more unfriendly to pedestrians than a parking lot?

The car drivers are not paying attention to what is on the road in front of them because they are so focussed on looking two rows over for a parking spot. There are cars backing out of spots without paying attention or thinking that someone might be silly enough to be walking in the parking lot.

Then there are the drivers who have finished shopping, have actually managed to extricate their car from the parking spot and are now driving out of the lot at 40 mph while trying to get the Raffi CD playing so that their kids do not scream the entire trip home.

And the poor pedestrian who is simply trying to get to his or her car…no sidewalks to walk on. No ways to get your shopping cart between the cars jammed into the rows thus being forced to walk to the neighbouring municipality just to get around the row of cars.

The list of horrors goes on. Parking lots…horrible places. And just think, as the Christmas season approaches, it will only get better!!






One response to “Parking Lots; Day 6 NaBloPoMo”

  1. Caitlyn James Avatar

    I like the Big Bend Winners/PetSmart parking lot – they have raised sidewalks between each double-sided parking area. As is usual there are plants here and there occasionally making one wonder what they were thinking since anyone trying to navigate around wet cars and wet plants to reach a safe sidewalk will be cursing. But once there, you are safe from the cars. The only danger zone is the main thoroughfare in front of the stores and those have crosswalks in front of the sidewalks you are on and the sidewalk in front of the stores. Brilliant. (And no one is backing their car up in that area.)