Part II of the World Premiere of Vancouver Opera’s Lillian Alling

Intermission for the opera…no spoilers from me, just let me say that the production is fabulous. Oddly disconcerting to see an opera leading man wearing flannel and sitting in a Datsun pick-up truck alongside Judith Forst. Oddly disconcerting but amazing at the same time.

Before the opera began we toured the backstage and were told about the extensive use of projections. Even so, I was not prepared for the way that we would be driving out of Telegraph Creek in that Datsun pick-up truck.

The Datsun Pick-up
The Datsun Pick-up

At the close of the first act the 40 member chorus were singing about the wonderful experience that they were having in the Oakalla Prison Farm…only in opera. Act II will begin in less than five minutes so I have to cut this short. I will close by saying just as Madama Butterfly hit me in the heart, this opera is also hitting me very close to the heart in a very personal way. More about this later…let me just say that this opera is making my home-sickness stronger than ever. And making me question the way that we treat our elders…more later…probably tomorrow.


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