Part III of Vancouver Opera’s Lillian Alling

First off, NO SPOILERS here. None. But, I can and will say that I did not see the twists and turns coming. This opera, more than any other opera, perhaps because it is the world premiere, but this opera, had me literally on the edge of my seat right until the curtain dropped for the final time.

And once that curtain did drop and Judith Forst walked on stage the audience, almost as one, rose to their feet in a standing “O”.

For now though, I am headed to backstage party.


  1. Got me excited for next weekend.

    Now, what to wear? The black shoes or the black shoes? The Betsy Johnson coat (black) or the long black wool? The little black dress or the full-length silvery-blue?

  2. I will say that many of the people sitting in the theatre looked uncomfortably cool. Perfect for me but many women were pulling their wraps tightly around them. Longer wool dress maybe.

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