Sandra Bullock to Divorce Jesse James

Sandra Bullock is apparently divorcing Jesse James due to his inability to maintain a monogamous relationship with her. So much for judging a book by its cover; who would have thought that Jesse James would be such a scoundrel? To look at him with his multitude of tattoos you might have thought he was a real stand-up, family oriented type of guy.

On a somewhat related note, Sandra Bullock has announced that she will proceed with the adoption of the baby that she was going to adopt along with Jesse James. She can be seen on the cover of People magazine holding the baby. It is abundantly clear that Jesse is not the biological father of the child.


  1. Apparently they adopted Louis together in January-ish, but now she is going to be the sole parent. I guess Jesse has been crossed off of the paperwork. I wonder if that would be an issue to the adoption agency if she wasn’t rich and famous?

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