SFU Senate Election Information

The most frequent question I get about the SFU Senate is, “What does the senate actually do?” Well, here is the answer;

Senate is responsible for the academic governance of the University and so it must be concerned with all important matters that bear on teaching and research in the University; this includes the development of new initiatives, the formation of priorities, and the consideration and approval of policies. Senate’s agenda should be open for informed debate of issues of significance for the whole University.

Here is a link to the full text of the responsibilities of the Senate.

And please be aware that voting ends today at 5pm. Results will be downloaded at 8am Thursday, October 20th.






2 responses to “SFU Senate Election Information”

  1. Victoria Robinsmith Avatar
    Victoria Robinsmith

    So I see that congratulations are in order for your election to the SFU student senate! I was checking out the information online tonight after working a stressful 8 hour shift up there.

  2. Stacey Avatar

    For the record, it is not the “student senate” but actually the university senate. Just saying.