Southern Girl Smokehouse Shave Soap Birthday Shave of the Day


For my birthday shave of the day I opened up my container of Southern Girl Smokehouse shave soap today.

Now that I am over the fact that it doesn’t have any bacon scent I actually really enjoy the performance of the Smokehouse shave soap. It does have a rich and thick lather that adheres to the beard quite nicely. While shaving, it curls up behind the razor like a lovely curl of snow behind your snow shovel.

The Treet blade is one of my standards that performs without protest and very rarely draws bloods. If, or when it does it is because of my own error, not due to any defect in the blade.

And of course my trusted old Aristocrat razor is just that – trusted and reliable. I use it without worry when shaving the back 40 on my head. It feels as safe as any cartridge type razor and yet performs 100 times better than any multi-bladed abomination of an over-priced cartridge.

My birthday shave of the day was a classic finished off with a splash of Lucky Tiger after shave.

Another perfect shave on a beautiful day.