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Getting Outside

Diamond Bar Shaving Dapper Soap

The shave of the day today was a trial run of my newest shave soap – Diamond Bar Shaving Company’s Dapper. From their website, the Dapper has, “sophisticated notes of black peppercorn and leather are carefully crafted with warm woods, patchouli, musk and citrus”. To me it just smells great and has a lovely lather […]

Getting Outside

The Shaving Yeti – Shore Leave Shave Soap

When I have a tough day I like to retreat to my shave cave and lather up a bowl of my favourite shave soap – the Shaving Yeti’s Shore Leave shave soap. It doesn’t matter what I have done or faced, the sweet and spicy citrus aroma blended with the Bay Rum the guys at […]

Getting Outside

Wet Shaving with Yeti Snot

As you may remember, this past Christmas I started using a double-edge safety razor and “wet-shaving”. The best part of my new shaving routine is that I get to try out new shave soaps and lathers, and my latest acquisition is Yeti Snot. Although it has a very odd name, it is the new star […]