Southern Girl Soapery Smokehouse and Weeds

I recently found a new shave soap company, the Southern Girl Soapery and I could not resist one of their offerings – Smokehouse shave soap. Smokehouse, on the label is described as a blend of burning wood and bacon. Well, I simply had to try a soap that claims to have bacon scent in it!

Southern Girl Smokehouse
Southern Girl Smokehouse

Unfortunately, this soap is all smoke and no bacon. There is literally no discernible scent of bacon in it. And when I say “smoke” I mean STRONG scent of soap.

Walking out of my shave-cave after the first time I used it I felt like I had just returned home from a weekend camp trip where I had stood around the campfire for much too long.

It was STRONG smoke smell. In fact, when I walked into the kitchen my kids asked what the burnt smell was. My Sweetheart jokingly asked if I had just returned from a camping trip.

It was too much smoke smell and not enough bacon.

And then today I decided to try the Southern Girl Soapery shave soap called “Weeds”.

Southern Girl Weeds
Southern Girl Weeds

This time the issue was that there is NO scent to this shave soap! None!

It is so weird to have the Smokehouse with an overwhelming scent and then this soap with no scent!

In fairness, both of these soaps lather up like a rabid St Bernard. With very little effort I was able to get the soaps to produce a thick and very sticky lather. A lather that goes on the face and into the beard just the way you would want a shave soap to go on.

However, the overbearing smoke smell of the Smokehouse shave soap and the non-existent scent of their Weeds tells me to cross the Southern Girl Soapery off my list of shave soaps.

I will continue to search for the ever elusive bacon scented shave soap.

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  1. Stacey,
    Thanks for your purchase and review of our shaving soaps. While I hate that you didn’t enjoy the scents, I am very pleased that they performed well for you. Thank you for your thoughts. I assure you we will use them as we continue to improve and expand the line.
    Southern Girl Soapery

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