Stay at Home Papa for the Day

Today my Sweetheart loaded all of the baby gear that we no longer use into a friend’s van and headed to the Baby Swap Meet. The plan was to leave me with the twins while she went and sold all the stuff.

So first thing this morning, after we loaded the van I stood alongside the twins in the front window of the house and waved good bye to their mother. And if you think synchronized swimmers can work in unison, you should have seen how the twins synchronized their actions. As the van disappeared out of the driveway, the twins looked up at me, faces contorted, tears welled up and screams followed. And then they simultaneously crapped their diapers. And my day had begun.

I have to admit that the day did get better for me and the twins…it was only for a very short time that I was lying on the front lawn curled up in the fetal position weeping as the girls laughed hysterically.

Later in the day while I was happily cleaning up the third and fourth crappy diapers, I couldn’t help but think about a buddy of mine who’s wife had a baby in March. And what was he doing today? Why his plan for the day was to stay at the tennis club playing tennis all day.

Oh and the Baby Swap Meet? The van returned later in the day with most of our useless baby gear still in it.