Brown Bear Stands Up, Blonde Bear Gazes at me

What an incredible time to watch the twins developing. There are so many changes happening so rapidly that at times the months we spent in the NICU and even before that in the BC Womens’ Hospital seems like a faint and distant memory.

On Monday of this week Brown Bear figured out how to pull herself upright while in her crib. Wifey was in the process of changing Brown Bear’s diaper and had just left her in the crib for a moment while she grabbed some baby wipes and as she turned around, there was Story, standing up for the first time. Because she was mid-diaper change, Brown Bear was half naked so when Wifey snapped a picture of Story standing there, she is not fully clothed and if the dirty birds on the internet saw the picture they might imagine they can see my baby’s chimichanga. So no picture proof of her standing.

However, she now sees everything as a booster to get her standing upright. This morning she had a foot on her sisters back and a hand on her head in an effort to get upright. Blonde Bear was not pleased with her attempts. The funny thing is that when she does get upright, she looks like a prairie dog standing there looking around at her surroundings.

And Blonde Bear? All she wants to do is be in my arms and gaze lovingly at me and laugh at all my goofy expressions. Ah to have this last through the teen years!

Another thing we did today was switch from #1 baby bottle nipples to the #2. The “ones” are for newborns to three month old babies! Shit I couldn’t figure out why they took so long to finish a bottle. So the first change I made was buy the #3’s and I almost drowned Blonde Bear. The milk comes so fast that she could not swallow it fast enough.

So I ran back to our local Shoppers Drugmart and got the Dr Brown’s #2 nipples. Blonde Bear loved that! She pounded that bottle of Nestle formula like I guzzle chocolate milk. I’m very much looking forward to this if I have to get up at 3am again (as I usually do). I can get a bottle of milk into her tummy in hurry and then back to sleep…ah…sleep…