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Peckinpah; Vancouver’s Carolina-style Barbecue House

Vancouver has a new barbecue house. Peckinpah is a Carolina-style barbecue house that is opening tonight. And how cool is this, it is located in Gastown on the site where the original Gassy Jack’s Saloon was located. Although Peckinpah officially opens tonight, Saturday night, the good folks at Peckinpah welcomed me and my Banker into […]

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It is Lobster Fest Tonight

Who knew that lobsters can fly? Yesterday my neighbours dad went down to the local lobster plant, in New Brunswick and watched a lobster boat come in with its load of lobsters. The lobsters were sorted, cooked and frozen right there in front of him. After seeing this little food preparation spectacle unfold in front […]

Food and Drink

Veggie Dogs Vs the Mystery Meat Wiener

I was at a barbecue earlier today. The objects being barbecued were hotdogs. The good folks organizing the communal feast were kind enough to recognize and accomodate¬†me being a vegetarian. They brought along veggie dogs for me. The funny part of this story is that when serving me a veggie dog, the person at the […]