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In the Kitchen

Instant Pot Pork Chops

I got home yesterday to find that there was nothing in the fridge to feed the family. And they were hungry. Hungry and quickly transitioning to hangry. What to do? Yes, that is correct, I turned to the Instant Pot. And, I went way out of comfort zone because I put FROZEN meat in my […]

Food and Drink

Brisket from Dixie’s Barbecue

Last weekend I happened to be near Dixie’s Barbecue on East Hastings just east of Main Street. Seeing as I had already eaten dinner, I decided to go to the “build your own BBQ platter” menu at Dixie’s so that I could keep it “light”. I ordered the quarter pound of in-house smoked brisket and […]

Food and Drink

Lunch at Memphis Blues Barbecue

The barbecue scene in Vancouver has certainly improved over the last few years; there is the Hogshack out in Steveston, Dixies on Hastings Street, Peckinpah in Gastown, and of course a number of locations of Memphis Blues Barbecue House. Last week when we were hankering for some barbecue, we decided to visit the Richards Street […]

Food and Drink

Mark Brand Re-Opens the Classic Save-On-Meats

It seems like a lifetime ago but in reality it was just over a week ago that I visited the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to do a little foodie tour. I started at the newly re-opened Save-On-Meats on W. Hastings, walked over to Peckinpah and closed my tour with dessert at the Acme Cafe.   […]

Food and Drink

Pulled Pork Sandwich at The Ranch Barbecue

I was driving through New Westminster’s Sapperton again today and was almost ready to pass out from hunger so I thought it was as good as any time to stop into The Ranch Barbecue and try the Pulled Pork Sandwich. When I saw them put the sandwich up on the counter I was very thankful […]

Food and Drink

Wine Country Q Wins BC BBQ Championship

Here is the winning barbecued rib. I was actually holding a piece of the winning rib IN MY HAND!! Wine Country Q won first place with their pork ribs and their brisket. They got a second place for their pork entry and sixth place for the chicken they barbecued. Their win this weekend qualifies them for […]

Food and Drink

Barbecue Events and Restaurant Openings

Somewhere along the way I became a barbecue blogger…not too sure how this happened but, it is not a bad thing. First off, in Sapperton (New Westminster, don’tcha know) the little grocer formerly known as Graze Market’s has been renovated and is now a barbecue house. As soon as I know more about this new […]