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Life Musings

Blogging About SERIOUS Issues

Just in case you thought that bloggers were social misfits who sit around their parents’ basements eating cold pizza while only wearing their underpants (categoriacally not true no matter what rumopurs you may have heard or read in the blogosphere) get a load of the important discussion taking place on one of my blogger colleague’s blog; […]

Life Musings

Thoughts on Food and the Food Network

A couple thoughts on food this evening. First, if the Food Network was run by real people instead of master chefs who pretend to be everyday yobs, Blogger Dad would be the star of the show.  Blogger Dad is now, essentially, running a cooking school. The first lesson he has put together is a detailed […]

Life Musings

A New Link to the Blogger Dad Blog

I found a little gem of a blog this evening. I typed “Blogger Dad” into Google and the first hit was for www.bloggerdad.com. And he is cool and funny! It is such a treat to see another father out here blogging. It seems like every other mother has a blog, but it is tougher to […]