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Christmas Dinner 2010 in the Robinsmith House

Somehow I became in charge of organizing, planning, preparing and cooking the Christmas feast for our household this year. Knowing that I was going to be feeding carnivores as well as vegetarians, my first stop was the Queens Park Meat Market. Without letting on that I am usually a vegetarian (these are people who have […]

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The Best Gift a Man Can Give His Sweetheart

You know, the entire issue of giving a gift to your wife is so completely confusing for a man. Let me tell you why. Through the years I have given my Sweetheart many gifts. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Ground Hog Day, Easter, the anniversary of our beginning dating, the anniversary of our engagement, the anniversary of […]

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A Merry Christmas to All…

Well it certainly has started out as a very merry Christmas here at our house. As per usual, Annalie woke me up at 2:30am demanding a couple bottles of milk and a diaper change. I obliged her, as I usually do. This was after Story had woken up at 11pm and decided that the night […]

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The Best Christmas Yet

Really now, what could I really ask for, desire or be given that could be better than this? What more could I ask for? Born on April 17th, the first day of week 33 of the pregnancy, weighing 3 lbs 4 oz, and 3 lbs 12 ounces, the girls have thrived and grown. Story laughs […]

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Receiving Things from my Christmas Wishlist Already!

So in a way some of my Christmas wish list has come true. Not exactly what I asked for but sure closer. My father has been moved into a long-term care facility close enough to my mother’s home so that she can now roll over in her electric wheelchair and see him any day. Another Christmas […]